A Night to Remember

The place I live in became a crime scene overnight. My building, abode to 56 families, vibed adversely dull. That day as I walked inside the gate with a radiant smile on my face hoping to see the same old walls, those pillar old name plates, my friends and more predominantly – my family. As I was walking in, I started to feel heavier and heavier. I felt a surge of negativity gush into my veins. 7 floors and the spot adjacent to the stairs of each floor connecting the two – had a body hung!

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Some were killed, some killed themselves, bodies of some ripped into pieces and the sack carrying it was hung to the ceiling. It seemed as a ritual of a satanic cult. I don’t know, I just lost my mind. Are they shooting or playing a prank? I tried to fool myself. I saw this dreadful sight through the bars of my lift. As each floor passed, burden of baggage of fear, confusion, terror built upon my head. I wondered where the kids playing, jumping, fighting are gone. Where are the teens walking through the stairs with big headphones on are gone. Where are the old people with stick waiting patiently for the lift to arrive at their floors are gone. I was forcing my eyes to see something else, something merry at least someone walking! I was perplexed, was this a joke? As my lift was moving upwards, I saw the same dreadful scene repeatedly on 4 floors. 

I was sweating. My legs were trembling. I started breathing heavily. Lifting my shaking hand, I tapped 7. In the back of my mind I prayed I don’t see it on the upcoming floors, rolled my eyes through each floor and saw the same sight at same spot on every floor. I went blank. My blood ran cold. I didn’t dare to investigate whose body I was seeing hanging pale. What the hell had exactly happened!! I forgot about my house, my family even myself. I didn’t get out of the lift. As the lift was settled I cried Vaishnaviiiii, my friend who lived on that floor. No fucking response instead my own voice echoed. I gulped in terror, I could assume if the entire building is empty. I wanted to call out again but the dreadful feeling of something else reaching out to me scared the day lights out of me. I remained quiet. I put my hand on my head and crashed on the floor with eyes and mouth wide open. My muscles became rigid I couldn’t move. I was driven into oblivion.

I couldn’t think straight. I prayed it’s a joke but it seemed no funny. The bodies, the blood, the hideous silence I was witnessing were real. I collected my scattered senses and tapped 5. As the lift started to move down, the thought of who would it be on my floor dead and cold? raised into my mind. My heart beat rose like never before. I would cry loudly like an injured, helpless deer but, I decided to stay strong and a little more optimistic. I shut my brain. 7th floor passed by, the lift was moving through 6th floor. I started fidgeting with my fingers out of anxiousness. I closed my eyes for a second to calm my nerves only to feel more horrified as if something was coming for me too. I was optimistic about my family maybe because of unconditional faith towards my god.

As I landed on my floor, I opened the lift with violent thrust. I walked towards the passage, the tapping of my trembling legs were loud and clear. Anyone could tell the person is shaken tip to toe. My tappings weren’t lost, unlike the normal days, amidst the chattering of women, cry of children, whistle of the pressure cooker, music of bachelor engineer’s house, loud news reporter’s voice from the neighborhood old man’s TV. I slowly squinted my eyes with fear towards the same cursed spot on my floor, thinking who it would be. Didn’t want to guess. My jaw dropped in fright. Tears came rolling through my cheeks, seeing my neighbor who was getting married in a short period of time hung lifeless. His neck was almost broken, eyes wide open and blood running through his nose.

His lamented body seemed angry at the world. His eyes half closed, half opened seemed like he was looking past my soul and beyond. I ran towards my house. Knocked with full force.my door opened slowly, I barge into the house in terror. I wiped my tears. Then suddenly a big roar of mom – Wake up Sejal! put the terrific pandemonium to an end.

I’d never sleep watching a horror film!

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  1. Shabana says:

    Nice one 👌

  2. Jay rambhia says:

    Great 🤘

  3. Vaishnavi from 7th floor says:

    Woahhhhh now I’m gonna be terrified to use the lift

  4. JY says:

    Doesn’t help it smack in the middle of quarantine. Sure, the woke up from a dream conclusio may be cliche, but daaaym the writing style sent chills down the spine (T~T).

    Keep going miles!

  5. Shreyas Samant says:

    Waah Bantai bohot hard aur fatte maza aaya ye padhke 😂😂😂😂

  6. Your bestf says:

    Such a terrible nightmare uggghhh😂🤣

  7. Buri buri zaemon says:

    Omg after reading this i can’t sleep at night

  8. Karan Bhaip. says:

    I’ve been to your building and I could absolutely imagine the terror. Besides, you are really an amazing writer. The build up of curiosity to know more and read more what you have written was perfect. You are an amazing writer. Keep it up! Maybe, someday you might win an oscar or something.

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